East Coast/West Coast

Last weekend, I had a blast hanging out with my pal, Erin, on the west coast. We went to an exhibit of Anton Yelchin’s photography at other, Amoeba Records, The Perky Nerd, and more. While we were in our hotel room, getting read to hit Disneyland, we had a revelation: we should start a blog! Erin would cover stuff on the west coast! I’d cover stuff on the east coast!

For years, I’ve been freelancing for other publications and websites. I have a writin’ degree and am a recovering former music industry employee. Erin used to write web comics for Heroes. One time, at San Diego Comic-Con, she did an autograph signing on a boat!

Erin and I have decided to use our nerd powers for good. Ya see, we both do loads of nerdy stuff on a regular basis. We’re just usually on opposite sides of the continent when we are geeking out at concerts, conventions, film screenings, etc.

We are pop culture omnivores and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you. 


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