Top Ten Albums of 2016

Once upon a time, I worked in the music industry. Newbury Comics, WFNX, Harborlights, Paradise Rock Club, Warner/Electra/Atlantic, Maverick Records, and last, but not least, Ryko Distribution. Remember Rykodisc? Their CDs had green jewel cases? Those guys. In the past few years, I have dipped my toe back in a wee bit as a merch girl for friends’ bands.

So, obviously, you should take great stock in my Top Ten List. No one else is writing Top Ten Lists at this time of year! Also, I am sarcastic.

10. David Bowie – Blackstar

9. Deftones – Gore

8. Butch WalkerStay Gold 

7. Joy FormidableHitch

6. SavagesAdore Life

5. PhantogramIII

4. DaughterNot to Disappear 

3. Deap VallyFemijism I am obsessed with this album. I saw this duo open for DFA and BRMC and they killed it. That’s them in the photo up top.

2. GarbageStrange Little Birds 

1. Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree
And my favorite EPs of 2016 are ..

LushBlind Spot

Miki Berenyi of Lush at Royale in Boston. Photo by Amy Galante

Letters to CleoBack to Nebraska

Letters to Cleo at the Rickshaw in San Francisco. Photo by Amy Galante

Best Split 7″

Julee Cruise and King DudeJulee Cruise and King Dude Sing Each Other’s Songs

Of course, as soon as I publish this list, I’ll realize that I’ve forgotten an album or two. On December 23, I hope that I will be impressed with Not the Actual Events EP by Nine Inch Nails. On the Nine Inch Nails website, there’s a quote from Trent Reznor:


That sounds pretty, pretty, pretty delicious to me.


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