Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, and Swedish Vampires

In my review of Deepwater Horizon, I mentioned that I once met director Peter Berg. It was at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, CA. Photos were not allowed in the room. But here is a photo of Erin holding a Peter Berg-signed Battleship poster.

Erin and her Battleship poster at WonderCon 2012. Photo by Amy Lordan

The poster also is signed by actress Brooklyn Decker and some guy named Alexander SKARSGARD. Oh. Sorry about the all-caps. My iPhone autocorrects that last name to all-caps.

When I spoke to Skarsgard (fixed it that time!), we asked him about the differences between filing Battleship and Generation Kill. Most notably, he told me that being in Generation Kill  was an honor. That they had pretty much filmed the entire series in one month, in the desert.

I commended Skarsgard on his performance in Generation Kill. He thanked me and said it was nice to talk about the series. I told him that I had borrowed it from the library and that when my fella and I started to watch episode one, he said, “Why did you bring this home? This looks like something I would pick, not you.” And then, minutes later, “Is that … SKARSGARD?!? That’s why you brought it home!”

As I concluded my story, Skarsgard shook his fist in the air, and shouted, “SKARSGARDED!” Erin mimicked Skarsgard and said, “SKARSGARDED AGAIN!”

And that is my story about the second time that Erin and I met the Swede made famous for his tragic performance in Zoolander.


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