Review: Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon is what an action-drama should be. Disclosure: I’m a Peter Berg flunky (“Clear Eyes! Full Hearts!”). I even own Battleship, but who doesn’t like a movie that stars Tim Riggins, Eric Northman, and actual Navy veterans?

What impressed me the most about Deepwater Horizon were the sets. After the movie,  I watched all of the bonus features and learned about how much were actual “live” affects. Flames, explosions, geysers of mud … they even built their own mini rig on the water! Say what you will about Berg, but the man is extremely passionate and doesn’t half-ass things (I met him once, and he was a wee bit intimidating).

Deepwater Horizon director Peter Berg (R) promoting Battleship with Alexander Skarsgard (L) and Brooklyn Decker (center) at WonderCon 2012

John Malkovich oozes creepiness. His character personifies corporate greed and his accent is kinda amazing. Thankfully, my hometown boy, Mark Wahlberg, made no attempt to sound southern. Maybe just slightly less Dorchester.

If you’re keeping track, this film rounds out Kurt Russell’s Trio of Movies with Facial Hair (Hateful Eight and Bone Tomahawk being the first two). I can never unsee what I saw in Bone Tomahawk. Never. You should watch it.

Deepwater Horizon felt like a good tribute/depiction of the actual events. Berg wanted people to remember that there wasn’t just an oil spill (the worst in our nation’s history) but that lives were lost. Sure, they take liberties, but I’m not so close to the subject material to take umbrage. I don’t know if I will be able to say the same about Patriot’s Day.

Deepwater Horizon was the eighth movie that I’ve watched this year. Check out my film diary on Letterboxd


East Coast/West Coast

Last weekend, I had a blast hanging out with my pal, Erin, on the west coast. We went to an exhibit of Anton Yelchin’s photography at other, Amoeba Records, The Perky Nerd, and more. While we were in our hotel room, getting read to hit Disneyland, we had a revelation: we should start a blog! Erin would cover stuff on the west coast! I’d cover stuff on the east coast!

For years, I’ve been freelancing for other publications and websites. I have a writin’ degree and am a recovering former music industry employee. Erin used to write web comics for Heroes. One time, at San Diego Comic-Con, she did an autograph signing on a boat!

Erin and I have decided to use our nerd powers for good. Ya see, we both do loads of nerdy stuff on a regular basis. We’re just usually on opposite sides of the continent when we are geeking out at concerts, conventions, film screenings, etc.

We are pop culture omnivores and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you.